Hardscaping:  Walls, Patios, & Ponds

Bring a true touch of elegance to your home with a stone patio, wall or garden pond. Leisure Lawn can guide you through all steps from choosing the right stone to compliment your home to designing the right size pond to compliment your garden.

Maintain optimal growth and appearance.

All shrubbery will be pruned as necessary approximately late June, early July, after the growing season in order to maintain optimal growth and appearance.

Adding chemicals to make your lawn beautiful.

All chemicals are designed to work optimally with a soil with the pH at 7.0 to 7.2. Since most lawns in our area are more acidic, an application of lime brings the soil to the proper pH so that fertilizers, trace minerals in the soil, and other chemicals can perform more efficiently to make your lawn more beautiful. Lime will be applied in late fall.

Creates growth pockets for the roots and decompresses your soil.

Aeration will be done in the fall to allow your lawn to take full advantage of the good growing weather to put down deep roots for the winter and next spring. Aeration speeds up the breakdown of thatch, creates thousands of small growth pockets for the roots, and decompresses your soil.

Fall & Spring Cleanups

Commercial Snow Removal


Landscape Design with ProLandscape:

Our landscape architect will work with you to help you realize your vision for a beautiful yard. We'll photograph your home and yard, provide illustrations through ProLandscape© design software, and bring the illustration to life.

Lawn Maintenance:

Provides for a weekly mowing of your grass. Services can be customized, but usually the services includes maintenance of your beds from weeds that grow during the year to picking up debris in the lawn and keeping a neat appearance with trimming along walkways. All lawn clippings are removed from the property, and your walkways will be swept clean.

You will look forward to a maintenance-free, beautiful lawn!

Lawn Fertilization / Turf Management Program:

Our turf management program has been designed to promote a healthy and vigorous lawn for both residential as well as commercial properties.

Our program consists of five basic applications (unless stated otherwise on your proposal), as follows:

** Please note: Grub control is Optional **

1. Early Spring - Complete fertilizer
Pre - emergence Crabgrass control

2. Late Spring - Complete fertilizer & Broadleaf weed control
Chinch bug and sod weed worm control (if needed)

3. Summer -- Complete fertilizer & Spot weed control

4. Autumn - Complete fertilizer & Broadleaf weed control

5. Late Fall - Winterizer for increased root growth and early spring "green up"

All applications will be applied by a certified, licensed technician. We care about you, your family, your pets, your neighborhood, and the environment. We try to act accordingly in everything we do.


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